Leading Rates

IDT can give you leading rates at the optimal quality for thousands of destinations across the world. Our 30 billion international minutes gives us the buying power to get rates and capacity on all the routes that you need.
By generating our own retail minutes, we can deliver quality minutes at competitive prices for you. Our team of market makers works constantly to ensure that their knowledge and expertise delivers the best rates at the quality you need.

We offer full A to Z and rates are updated weekly, giving you a huge choice of the best and most up to date rates in the market.

Industry Leading Platform

Global Interconnected Network

IDT Carrier Service allows you to connect to a Tier 1 network providing you with a network that is a fully IP-based & can carry 450,000 simultaneous calls.
Each Hub contains redundant Juniper “MX” series routers sized to the Hub, and interconnected via diversely routed, redundant, 1 & 10 GigE fiber facilities. Together they form IDT’s Global IP Backbone Network.
Each Hub is equipped with IDT’s Second Generation Session Border Controller (SBC2), F5 Load Balancers and IDT’s Call Routing Platform (CRP), in a redundant configuration. Together they form the Core IDT VoIP Network. IDT’s preferred VoIP signaling protocol is SIP.
To support TDM carrier interconnections, IDT operates a Sonus Softswitch network overlaid on the Global IP Backbone Network. In 2014, the Sonus network will be replaced with an IDT developed Softswitch integrated into the Core IDT VoIP Network. Carrier interconnections are supported, in order of preference, via: the Public Internet, Private-Peering (AKA Private IP) arrangements on GigE fiber and metro Ethernet VLAN services.
To ensure quality control, a dedicated monitoring team checks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as ASR, CCR and ALOC, using our own propriety application, ensuring that you receive the quality that you expect.
IDT Carrier Services has interconnects with all the leading international carriers, with over 550 direct routes and over 1,000 CLI certified routes in total.

Our People

It’s not just our account managers or market makers that make the IDT difference. IDT is the trusted partner to many telecommunications, retail and distribution companies across the world, big and small.

We’re all committed to making IDT a success and we know we can only do that by making our customers a success.

We work as one team, bringing the best experts from around the IDT Global organization to help you. We are diverse but all have one thing in common – making sure IDT remains focused on delivering the best quality, the best solutions and the best results.

IDT’s Retail Minutes:
delivering buying and selling opportunities

IDT’s Carrier Service and Retail businesses work closely together to drive results for each other and our carrier clients.

IDT Retail has a global distribution network serving foreign-born communities, generating billions of international minutes. IDT Carrier Services brings these minutes into the wholesale market, providing buy as well as sell opportunities for clients. The bilateral deals that they can offer gives you access to high volume, high quality traffic from the key destinations, including the US.

IDT Retail’s global success is due to the BOSS Revolution brand’s constant product and technical innovation combined with ethnic marketing expertise. By understanding ethic communities, they capture high quality international retail minutes from communities across the globe. Working with our carrier team, they can boost traffic to key destinations through targeting consumer promotions.

The Boss Revolution platform is evolving to facilitate financial services as well as voice services, increasing customer loyalty and acting as one stop shop for all those who wish to keep in touch with loved ones living abroad.

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