IDT is passionate about connecting the world. We are a leading global provider of telecommunications traffic. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve done well for the last 30 years. Just to give you an idea, we carried over 24 billion international minutes last year.

One business, one world
For us, the world truly is one – we operate in 147 countries and are a NYSE listed company. We are proud to have 1250 employees working to a single-minded mission across six continents.

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A name that
inspires trust

We are pioneers of VoIP, wholesale voice traffic, the biggest provider of International Airtime Top-Up (IATU) across the US and the largest calling card company in the world.

In the wholesale business, we know it like no one else. We have built relationships brick by brick over the last three decades and leverage them to get our clients the best voice, SMS and outsourcing solutions possible.

Ours is a name that gives rise to confidence in people and businesses big and small.


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People/Account Management

We care about more than just minutes, quality and rates. We are about people. Our team of dedicated account managers will ensure that you receive prompt, best-in-the-business service.

As an IDT Carrier Services client, your account manager will:

  • Review your traffic, routes and rates on a regular basis
  • Help you to control traffic costs
  • Work with you to ensure your business with IDT reflects your current and evolving business needs
  • Help you safeguard your business against market shifts
  • Provide strategic advice about voice traffic management
  • Partner with you to develop a solid account plan, including buying and selling agreements
  • Act as your champion within IDT to resolve quickly any trouble tickets, roadmap developments and any technical questions
  • Keep you abreast of the latest industry updates

All our account managers work closely with a team of expert Market Makers. Each Market Maker is an specialist within a small portfolio of countries, ensuring that IDT always delivers the right quality at the best possible rates for each destination.

Executive team

Executive team photo of Nick Ford
Nick Ford
President, Carrier Services
Executive team photo of Filippo Percario
Filippo Percario
Vice President, Carrier Services
Europe, the Middle East, & Africa
Executive team photo of Rebecca Wong
Rebecca Wong
Vice President, Carrier Services
Asia & Pacific
Executive team photo of Clyde Pascal
Clyde Pascal
Vice President, Carrier Services
North America & Caribbean
Executive team photo of Alexis Segal
Alexis Segal
Vice President, Carrier Services
Latin America